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'POW'er of Words

Our tryst with words go long back into time. Ten sentences carved into stone became the governing principles and values of human life for thousands of years and still is. Words on epitaphs, words in scrolls, words on tombstones, words that rhyme, words that have stood the test of time. Words have a power to bring hope, words have the charm to dilute obstacles, words are what we will always be remembered by, whether those are words that brought despair or words that healed. We at Oya, believe words are a spirit by themselves, pronounce them everyday, clear and aloud and they'll be words of a spell that will make you the person you dream to be.

There's teacher in a remote corner of the world who teaches with love and an understanding that only a true teacher can exhibit. She's a little different though, she doesn't mark her students "PASS" or "Fail". She marks them "Pass" or "NOT YET". For her, her students never really Fail, it's not a destination she embarked to with her students. The destination was always to learn and learn well, FAILURE was never the destination. Her pupils either Pass on arriving at the destination or are on their way there. NOT YET. It's just two words, a few syllables whose power over the psyche of her wards is tough to grasp.

Words are powerful that way, it laid our path down evolution and set us apart from beasts. Words are immaculate, linger long after we are gone, they are a powerful force that bring change, that encourage and deliver us our dreams.

- Ravish the Runner

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