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Running: Winged Soles Collection

Running. Only if it was as simple as putting one foot after the other. Only if it was a lung full of air expelling away all our worries and fears, only if it was taking in a breath of the love of the universe. Only if it was just that. It's all of that and a tad little more. Mountains trails, asphalt, sandy beaches. Humidity, unforgiving suns, bone-chilling morning dew. This human powered endeavour takes us closer to nirvana than any other man made imitation. It's a power source to which we clutch and sweat-drive our Monday mornings, it's a clarity with which we can see our lives glow with the energy of the universe. Some days we are the hare some days we are the tortoise, other days we are just our fabulous formidable selves at the finish line each and every time. 

Introducing our runners collection - Winged Soles!