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Winged Soles Collection: 10K

Winged Soles Collection: 10K

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Winged Soles Collection: Running

The 10K run is considered by many to be the perfect distance that enables a balance of speed and distance. By no means a short distance, it is a great milestone for those starting out to aspire to cross the finish line. 

"Racing a 10K is a great way for any athlete used to running only the 5k or marathon to test aerobic fitness. It is a true balance of aerobic and anaerobic fitness in order to have a successful race."

If you are just starting out, use it to motivate you or if you just hit a milestone, go ahead reward yourself. Makes great gifting options for runners too!

  • Dimensions : 12 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness approx.
  • Brushed metal finish
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver (92.5% purity), Rhodium plated for anti- tarnish and durability.
  • Made in India

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