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Our Philosophy

We were born not on a single day, we weren't even born, we evolved to be Oya. We evolved around an idea that we already embodied. Womanhood. Etched into this womanhood, was what we did everyday. Movement. We ran, pedalled, swam and danced. We were ourselves, at our primal best, cherishing the freedom that movement brings. Freedom as a human. Freedom of being a woman. We embodied both the spirits equally, an inseparable force that defined and shaped our daily lives. A 21st century woman is just that,equal in all parts, just as nature made us. Equal in all walks of life, from corporate boardrooms, homes and athletic arenas. We are women who move, we are women who huddle jump challenges, we are women who endure a marathon and a corporate job.

We've squatted weights, the weight of being a daughter and a mother, the weight of corporate meetings and glass ceilings.
We've dead-lifted. Dead-lifted careers, relationships, sandbags and heartbreaks.
We've run ultras, marathons and tough mudders. We've also run our lives to the rhythm of an ever changing world.
We've pedalled up passes and trails, balanced and poised into downhill switchbacks. We've also balanced every role a woman is unleashed with.
We've stretched into an asana, feeling the earth breathe beneath our palms. We've also stretched nights into days caring for our loved ones.
We've let our hair loose and tumble to the beat on a boom box. We've also tied it in a bun at our place of worship.

We are both. We are One. We are women and the spirit of freedom. A composite. A composite of elegance and grit. Beauty and faith. Love and Love again.

There wasn't any magic in the air when we crested the summit. The magic was within, a stirring of our souls, a magic that moistened our eyes and lumped our throats. Sweaty hugs taste of salt and pride, smell of grit and faith, a fragrance we carried home with us, a fragrance we hope to share with everyone. We discover a little about ourselves every time we hit the trails. The long daunting runs brings a perspective that is tough to dislodge. A clarity so bright and blinding that you often use the customs of the world to shield from it. Every run we'd learn to endure a little more. Each time trial, we'd dip deeper than we know, we'd tunnel and dig till a light shone. When our toes were miles away to touch, we've bent our backs till we could, we learnt resilience and made peace with where we were, with a glint of hope that tomorrow we'd progress further. We evolved every day, just like a sand-grain to a pearl. We started as two, born as one, we evolved into Oya. 

We are Oya. 

Welcome to the spirit, the spell is cast and the magic spelt. 

Wear it, flaunt it and live the magic.