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How long will my order take to arrive?

India - Delivery will be in 4-5 working days maximum. We are currently shipping on the same day for orders received up to 4 PM so that we can support you with your gifting purchases! :)

(ROW) - Depends on the global location

Can items be custom engraved?
No we are not accepting requests for custom engraving.

It says out of stock on the website, is this definitely out of stock?
Yes, unfortunately we do not have any more stock available unless we receive any returns of the item. We keep restocking items that sell out. Do check back periodically to see if your item is back in stock or write to us and we will let you know if we will get it in soon.

I had an item in my basket but now it won't let me order it?
This has now, unfortunately, gone out of stock and we do not have any more available. Items in the basket are not reserved (ordering is on a first come, first serve basis). But do check back as we keep restocking items.