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Our "Models"

At Oya, our "models" are extraordinary women who like many of you weave sports and fitness into their very hectic lives. Women who were happy to jump onto the Oya cause to inspire and encourage women to invest in active living. 

Currently featured are Sonali Sahoo, Supriya Pal, Susmitha Shreedev, three amazing women who inspire us with their passion and commitment for fitness. 

Susmitha Shreedev

There is a certain calmness and a sense of peace around Susmitha that makes you take a deep breath and smile. A mother of two young boys and yoga instructor, Susmitha balances her day between complete chaos and calm silence. 

Yoga came into Susmitha's life when she was all of 10 and after a few years of practise it slowly moved away only to start once again about three years ago. This time she brought yoga back to heal physically and spiritually. She now spreads the joy of yoga to her students through "Tattva Yoga" in Richmond town, Bangalore in her quaint little studio space. Along side her regular class sessions she does healing therapy yoga for dire diseases like cancer and cardiac issues. She also enjoys volunteering and spreading the magic of yoga at schools that house underprivileged kids.

Sonali Sahoo

And though she be but little, she is fierce! Borrowed from Shakespeare, that defines Sonali and her passion for fitness. A mother, runner, crossfitter, nutritionist and personal trainer she is a true juggler. Electronics engineer by education, Wealth Manager by profession and Entrepreneur by passion. Sonali helps slash multiple myths on fitness and nutrition through the day as she meets an ever burgeoning populace of people who want to embrace fitness but are unsure how to or have had a faulty start. 

She runs a company called MyInsight  that offers nutrition solutions to top level management, housewives and older women who find training centers restrictive to them. Adding to her already busy life she is also studying to be a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Having completed multiple half marathons (including a few podium wins in the open category) and full marathons she understands discipline, consistency and hard-work are key. And of course have fun while doing it and keep smiling. You can connect with her on

Supriya Pal

Supriya is a young independent urban woman who has embraced serious fitness through hardcore strength training to constantly challenge and push her limits. A shift she made about 2 years ago to embrace this active lifestyle has completely changed how she lives now - focused fitness schedule, completely revamped nutrition plan and positive outlook. 
With a day job in media its often a fine balance but she acknowledges that change doesn’t come overnight and that this is now a long-term journey for her. The jigsaw puzzle has fallen into place for her and she has found her happy place. 


We hope that when you look through the images, you see a little bit of yourself in them. 21st Century women, Oya women! 

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